Ferruccio   Cajani  - A portrait


Ferruccio Cajani for me is a place  A place to return to when  fed up with the heavy seriousness of our times I hanker for the shadow of a smile  almost a grin  a jest  a mocking gesture

With his regal attitude  in spite of his years  his da Vinci profile makes of him more than a human image  into a precious antique print slightly faded into yellow with its red ink-red like the sharpness of his slantwise way of watching you  wide-awake and yet lost in  the void of an indefinite point  eyes vowed to almost total blindness

So I remember him as he must have perceived me  an uncertain outline moving about among shadows

 The voice remained  mine uncertain  his peremptor

 Nothing I can say of his art in spite of his precious gratefully accepted presents a book and a painting but from our conversations and from his breath taking repartees there emerged that “beyond” which is the lot of the great  a territory reached by some by hard work  by others by levity

Ferruccio had a natural talent for that “beyond”

He felt at home in that territory of irony and of signs  where the flash of imagination and words  becomes naturally christal clear and takes the shape of purest verbal-virtual poetry


                            Giovanni  Giangrande