Dino Bedino

Between linear and visual poetry

Dino Bedino was born in Turin in 1929 and died in 1995. He graduated in literature at the University of Turin and taught Italian and French in Italian schools. In 1947 he published his first poems on “L’Unità” and in 1948 he was one of the founders of the literary review “Ulisse” and a contributor to other magazines. In his path as figurative artist he was oriented towards the construction of multimedial emblems and figure-syntheses of the myths of our collective imagination. He set up more than twenty personal exhibitions and was represented in more than

sixty national and international collective exhibitions. In 1986 he took part in the 11th Rome Quadriennial and in 1994 in the 22nd Biennial of St Paul (Brasil). He is the author of collage-books and object-books. His most important published works: “Poh!èmes visuels” (Geiger, Turin 1974); “Numero Doppio” (Double Issue - self-published, Turin 1977) “L’E di Delphi” (Genesi, Turin 1983); “Come un adieu sospeso” (Like a suspended adieu - El Bagatt, Bergamo 1989);” La Contessa della Tour Eiffel “ - a novel ( Dell’Orso, Turin 1993); “Quel telefono che chiama nel deserto”, a novel (That telephone calling in the desert - Dell’Orso, Torino 1998); “29 Poèmes Inédits” edited by Ada Ferro ( issued in 30 copies numbered and signed, 2001); “Numero Doppio” (Double Issue - a new edition edited by Ada Ferro, Turin 2002, in 30 numbered and signed copies).

Dino Bedino’s poetry consists in a long reflection on vanitas vanitatum carried on in a fragmentary style, all proposals denials new starts, disjointed in appearance but in actual fact possessing interior unity.The thread of thought is entwined between collages of images of day-to-day happenings and fragments of gossip from dailies and weeklies, nonsensical and clashing in themselves to crop up again crystal clear with a measure of crepuscular classicality: a calm constant farewell to the world “like a suspended adieu” to use his own words. Here are some pages from his Poh!èmes visuels”, “L’E di Delphi”, “Like a suspended adieu”, “Double Issue”.